Leveraging the Climate Web

Hundreds of millions of people around the world are increasingly concerned about climate warming, even seeing it as an existential threat to their futures. Most of the world gets its climate-related news through social media feeds, where confirmation bias runs rampant, and evidence-based discussion is less than we might hope for. Even people working professionally in the field tend to focus on a specific climate silo, hundreds of which dot the climate warming landscape.

It would be great if that weren’t the case, but how can anyone be versant in the many topics key to climate conversations today, ranging from attribution science to carbon offsets and climate finance, from natural climate solutions and geoengineering to carbon pricing, from business risk assessment and low carbon pathways to blockchain solutions.

That’s exactly what the Climate Web makes possible via knowledge management. Knowledge management is an opportunity to break out of our climate silos,


and to put wheels on efforts to mitigate climate warming.


How can you leverage the Climate Web as a tool for better understanding climate warming, assessing the risks climate warming poses to your organization, more effectively influencing your friends and family, or exploring how you can best contribute to climate warming mitigation, all based on the thinking and work of thousands of experts?

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One Option - Ask the Climatographers

You’re always free to let the Climatographers do the walking through the Climate Web. We can customize certain aspects of the Climate Web for you, e.g. by creating customized front doors into the Climate Web. We can also utilize the Climate Web quickly and effectively to deliver Topical Briefings, Webinars, and even E-Courses. To learn more take a look at our Climate Briefings Climate Site.

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Open Access

The Climate Web is available to any one an on-line, open-access basis. You don’t have to download or buy anything. But note that the web-based version of TheBrain software is relatively slow and is missing key features. It’s also quite challenging to take advantage of much of the advanced knowledge curation in the Climate Web because of the limitations of the web-based software. That said, feel free to experiment with the Climate Web on-line to see if it meets your needs, and you can take advantage of Topical and Audience Roadmaps to facilitate your exploration.

Open Access to the Climate Web


Premium Access

Premium Access lets you download a read-only copy of the entire Climate Web to your computer and mobile devices, and turns the Climate Web into your own personal or organizational research assistant. With FAST and POWERFUL access to everything in the Climate Web, including its 1,000 advanced Dashboards and more than 500 Insights pages, and more than $500 of Topical and Audience Roadmaps, you’ll have a huge head start on advancing your climate goals, whatever they are. Because your Premium Access version is always syncing to the master version of the Climate WeB, you’re getting the equivalent of >1 FTE of ongoing climate research assistance dedicated to improving and expanding the Climate Web. Premium Access is fully compatible with the FREE version of TheBrain software.

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Your Own Customizable Climate Brain

The Climate Web can be used on-line, but its capabilities and speed are seriously impaired in that use case. That’s why we’ve created Your Climate Brain as a fully modifiable version of the Climate Web you can re-organize to better suit how you to tend to organize information (all our brains don’t work the same way!).

Your Climate Brain represents 15,000 hours of knowledge curation by the Climatographers, providing you with access to 20,000 climate PDFs, 30,000 news and opinion URLs, 3,000 video and 5,000 website URLs, and much much more. It also includes more than $500 of Topical and Audience Roadmaps, giving you a huge headstart on advancing your climate goals, Every journalist, every student of climate warming, anyone teaching about climate warming, in fact anyone professionally engaged with climate change, can benefit from Your Climate Brain, gaining the ability to dig into topics and questions in a fraction of the time that would otherwise be required. You’ll not only be the smarter person in the room, with Your Climate Brain you’ll never forget anything, and you can build on it to advance your personal or professional goals. And Your Climate Brain is fully compatible with the FREE version of TheBrain software.

Note: Comparing Your Climate Brain to Premium Access, you’re getting a fully customizable knowledge management system, but you won’t see the advanced knowledge curation represented by Dashboards and Insights Pages.

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Your Climate Change PhD

Your Climate Change PhD is an overlay for the Open Access or Premium Access versions of the Climate Web. Analagous to a comprehensive but dynamic climate change textbook, Your Climate Change PhD helps you access the climate-relevant knowledge you need at any given time, pointing you to hundreds of specific spots in the Climate Web depending on what you’re looking for. While Your Climate Change PhD does not result in a professional certification, it will make you the smartest person in the room.

From the knowns and unknowns of climate change, from individual to collective action, from physical to systemic risks, from carbon offsets to climate futures, Your Climate Change PhD probably points you to just about everything you’ll be looking for.

Learn more at our detailed Climate PhD Climate Site

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Climate Chess Anyone?

In addition to supporting individual and organization knowledge management, knowledge systems like the Climate Web can support societal efforts to mitigate climate warming. We call the idea Climate Chess, and the Climate Web is specifically structured to support the playing of Climate Chess.

To win at Climate Chess, “Team Urgency” has to catalyze a low carbon transition, whereas all Team No-Urgency has to do is preserve the status quo. That’s a much easier task, and Team No-Urgency has been winning at Climate Chess for decades. But what if Team Urgency could better visualize and coordinate the moves of the thousands of Team Urgency pieces on the board, which today are largely siloed and operating independently of each other? The Climate Web, organizes the collective intelligence of thousands of experts across dozens of disciplines to help Team Urgency up its game.

To dig deeper into Climate Chess, visit our dedicated Climate Site.