Odds and Ends

We’ve illustrated on prior pages the key elements of knowledge management in the **Climate Web.** and how the knowledge building blocks can be combined into actionable knowledge Dashboards of all kinds. But there are actually quite a few more hidden gems in the **Climate Web**, and several of them are profiled on this page.

Pre-Populated Searches

The Climate Web is a comprehensive solution, but it can’t contain everything, and it can’t stay completely up-to-date across hundreds of climate-related topics.

Pre-set search strings help you scan for materials that might not yet be in the Climate Web, as well as track topical conversations on social media. Pre-set search strings can include:

  • Twitter Hashtag Searches
  • Google Searches
  • Google Scholar Searches
  • Google Image Searches
  • YouTube Searches
  • Vimeo Searches
  • Quora.com Searches
  • Reddit Searches
  • DeepDyve Searches (professional journals)

What you’ll find in the Climate Web depends on what we’ve found to be the most useful search strings across more than 200 topics, totalling more than 2,500 searches.

If you are exploring pre-set search terms in the on-line Climate Web you will see them as URLs that you have to click on, and that will then open up in new browser Tab. But if you've downloaded the Climate Web, pre-set search terms instantly populate simply by hovering your moust over a search term. It’s a huge time saver in staying up-to-date on relevant climate topics. You can see how that works in this video.

Here are examples of the kinds of pre-set search strings available to you. You can’t tell from the link exactly what the target of the query is, but you’ll see it when you click on the link.

Tracking Climate Change

Global Carbon Pricing

Climate Policy as Business Risk

Expert Collections

Expert Collections pull together the work of individual experts you can then access in the Climate Web. Here’s a screenshot, followed by a number live links.

Organizational Collections

There are thousands of organizations doing good work on climate change. Organization Collections in the Climate Web point you to a lot of that work. In some cases it might just be a couple of reports, in other cases dozens of reports and other resources. Note that everything is topically organized in the Climate Web, not just listed alphabetically.

Social Media Pages

We’ve organized hundreds of Facebook and LinkedIn groups and pages in the Climate Web, as you can see through these topical groups of Facebook pages.

Quora Q&A

You may never have heard of Quora, but it’s a very useful way of accessing answers to all kinds of relevant questions posed by users of the site.

We have a dedicated Climate Site covering Quora as a useful resource, so we won’t repeat a lot of information here. Just right click on the link below to open up the Climate Site in a new browser table.