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Almost infinite information is available with which to understand and tackle climate change. The bad news is that the climate information deluge is overwhelming, and that climate change is a “wicked problem” defying silver bullet (and even silver buckshot) solutions.

The good news is that the actionable climate knowledge individuals and organizations could use to more effectively advance their climate objectives exists. The challenge is finding it!

Doorways into the Climate Web

The Climate Web, representing more than 20,000 hours of knowledge curation and analysis, facilitates access to the actionable climate knowledge individuals and organizations can use. It is the closest thing today to a collective (and open-access) climate intelligence. But it’s a large resource, and many climate topics are complex. That’s why the Climatographers have created “Doorways into the Climate Web” to faciliate your access to the parts of the Climate Web you may be most interested in.

Doorways can point you to some of the Climate Web’s most relevant:

  • Index Entries
  • Sources Headings
  • News and Opinion Headings
  • Extracted Materials Headings
  • Multimedia Headings
  • Website Headings
  • Selected Recently Added Topical Materials
  • Pre-Selected Search Terms
  • Insights Pages
  • Advanced Dashboards

If you have local access to the Climate Web, search for the thought Climate Web Doorways - Content Blocks and you’ll be able to take advantage of the most efficient way to access Doorway content.

If you’re accessing Doorways on-line by right-clicking on links below, feel free to explore the content, but we’d recommend getting local access to the Climate Web for must faster and more powerful access. Learn more through the New to the Climate Web? link at right.

Audience Doorways

We can create additional Doorways upon request.

Topical Doorways

Premium Roadmaps

Premium Roadmaps take the next step from the Doorways listed above, and can be “Topic” or “Audience” focused. Premium Roadmaps are much more detailed than Doorways, and let you leverage the fact that someone will usually have already thought a lot about whatever topic you’re likely to be intersted in. Roadmaps don’t try to encyclopedically restate existing knowledge; they synthesize core knowledge and point you to all kinds of more detailed work and thinking that already exists and that you can access in the Climate Web, saving you from dozens to hundreds of hours.

Premium Topical Roadmaps can be accessed here in the Climate Web’s store. The same goes for Audience Roadmaps here. Roadmaps are priced based on comprehensiveness, with almost all Premium Roadmaps ranging from $9.99 to $99.99. Once purchased, however, you’ll have permanent access to the Roadmap as it becomes more comprehensive over time. Premium Roadmaps are very reasonably priced for the value being delivered, but if you can’t afford a Topical Roadmap you’d really like to access, contact the Climatographers.

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