Climate Web Introduction

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Millions of people in the United States are worried about climate change. The Climate Web is a collective climate change intelligence the Climatographers starting building after 20 years of working on climate change. The Climate Web incorporates the work of thousands of experts, allowing users to explore hundreds of climate-relevant topics. If there is an answer to climate change, it’s probably in the Climate Web.

The Climate Web utilizes the powerful but easy to learn TheBrain knowledge management software to organize and synthesize an enormous amount of climate-relevant information. Each of the more than 100,000 “thoughts” in the Climate Web represent a document, a news story, a website, an image, a topical synthesis, or some other piece of climate-relevant information. Each thought is manually created by the Climatographers, and they are organized through 400,000 links.

The content of the Climate Web is open-access, and anyone can take advantage of the more than 20,000 hours the Climatographers have spent building the Climate Web. If you have limited time, however, there are a number of ways we can help you more effectively utilize the Climate Web. They include Premium Access, which allows you to download the Climate Web for a much faster and more powerful user experience, as well as our power-user guides Your Climate Change PhD, and Your Climate Change MBA.

This climate change micro-site introduces you to key features of the Climate Web, and its goal of facilitating access to actionable climate knowledge to help overcome the "wicked problem" of climate change. Micro-sites are extracted from the Climate Web, and represent a powerful way to make climate knowledge more accessible.

Contact us here with your feedback and suggestions, and to discuss how micro-sites could advance your climate change objectives. Sign up to stay informed, and If you value the open-access nature of the Climate Web and micro-sites like this one,consider supporting our Patreon Project.

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