Managing Knowledge


As suggested by E.O. Wilson in this quote, knowledge management is a critical skill in today’s world. The Climatographers started using TheBrain for personal and professional knowledge management long before launching the Climate Web. TheBrain has been downloaded millions of time for personal and organizational knowledge management. It is powerful, easy to learn, and infinitely flexible. Even with the proliferation of knowledge management tools today, TheBrain remains one of the simplest and most flexible. You can literally have a Brain up and running 10 minutes after downloading the Free software.

Used by everyone from large corporations to intelligence agencies, perhaps the best-known and certainly the largest public example of TheBrain’s use is “Jerry’s Brain,” built by Jerry Michalski over 20 years, covering almost every topic you can think of and consisting of more than 500,000 individual thoughts. Check it out here!

An example of what TheBrain makes possible is reflected shown in the intuitive short story below, courtesy of Patrick McKercher.


While knowledge management is normally thought about at the individual or organizational level, it is also critical to tackling the kinds of problems we face today, like climate warming. But it may require some changes in our thinking!

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