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Climate change is a “wicked problem” as much for business as it is for society. A low carbon transition is underway, but it’s not happening fast enough to prevent global temperatures from increasing by 3o C or more over time. The result is a petri dish of business risks and opportunities. Physical impact risks, brand risks from changing public perceptions of climate change, regulatory risks, market transition risks, and even systemic risks will become more broadly material as climate change happens. The result is unparalleled business uncertainty, and big decision-making challenges.

The Climatographers’ Dr. Mark Trexler founded the first U.S. climate change business risk consultancy in 1991, working with the first companies to respond to climate change. He has worked with agencies, NGOs, and companies around the world, ranging from PacifiCorp and Nike to Stonyfield Farm and United Technologies in the U.S. on everything from carbon footprinting and carbon offsets to carbon price modeling and scenario planning. Mark was a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change when it was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, and most recently was Director of Climate Risk for the global risk firm of DNV GL based in Oslo, Norway. In addition to directing the Climatographers, Mark is currently a Visiting Scholar teaching Business and Climate Change at George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Nine years ago, when Simon Dietz of the London School of Economics planned to teach a climate change risk management course for business executives, he could not find the right textbook for the course. The Climatographers were commissioned to write it.

A decade later it is no longer possible for a book, no matter how comprehensive or frequently updated, to do justice to ever more numerous and complicated business and climate change conversations.

Your Climate Change MBA builds upon and leverages the Climate Web to deliver actionable business knowledge for:

  • Exploring climate change as a business issue.

  • Understanding the differences between societal and business thinking about climate change risks and risk management.

  • Digging into the "Trillion Dollar Questions" that will determine climate change outcomes.

  • Exploring the spectrum of societal impact and response variables driving public opinion and policies.

  • Exploring the spectrum of business impact, risk, and response variables driving business decision-making.

  • Understanding sector-specific perspectives on climate change.

  • Assessing the business implications of alternative climate targets and scenarios.

  • Preparing companies to manage the deep uncertainties associated with both climate change itself, and societal responses to climate change.

Your Climate Change MBA facilitates your access to the information and understanding you can use, without deluging you in detail. It draws from the Business and Climate Change Mitigation course taught by the Climatographers' Dr. Mark C. Trexler at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and points you to numerous curated knowledge collections in the Climate Web specifically created for Your Climate Change MBA users. From the knowns and unknowns of climate change, from physical to systemic business risks, from carbon offsets to scenario planning, these curated knowledge collection leverage the frequently updated Climate Web and allow you to stay up to date on all kinds of potentially relevant topics.

You can explore Your Climate Change MBA in much more detail through our dedicated micro-website.