Customize It!

The Climate Web utilizes TheBrain software, an advanced knowledge management platform that allows information to be “sliced and diced” in all kinds of ways. The Climate Web contains more than 100,000 thoughts linked in more than 400,000 ways, each thought and link individually created by the Climatographers.

The Climate Web represents 20,000 hours of climate information curation, and is the closest thing today to a collective climate intelligence. Think of the more than 100,000 individually curated thoughts in the Climate Web, each representing a document, an image, an idea, a website, or some other piece of information, as actionable climate knowledge LEGO bricks. The Climate Web can can be explored as one massive LEGO structure, or through hundreds of smaller-scale actionable climate knowledge LEGO kits. We can even customize new kits to your needs.

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To better understand the customization options, we’ve organized examples below falling into several categories.

  • Better Access to the On-Line and Open-Access Climate Web
  • A More Powerful Downloadable Climate Web via Premium Access
  • Direct Support from the Climatographers in using the Climate Web
  • Using the Climate Web as your Climate Research Assistant or full-fledged Climate Change Research Department.

Faster On-Line Access

  • Accessing the Climate Web on-line, it can take time to repeatedly navigate your way to those places in the Climate Web of most interest to you. A Personalized Entry Point pulls all of those places together via a unique URL allowing you instant access to exactly what you want to see. This can apply to personal interests, to organizing topics for a class you're teaching, or to the climate topics you are responsible for tracking for your company. Find out more here.

  • A variation on Personalized Entry Points is the ability to embed a fully functional window into the Climate Web on your own website using an iFrame that points to whatever topic or content you want it to.

  • Our Audience Roadmap eBooks and Topical Roadmap eBooks can help you navigate your way through the on-line Climate Web more rapidly by providing you with anywhere from dozens to hundreds of hyperlinks to particularly relevant entry points. This includes pointing you to the most relevant curated Topical Dashboards in the Climate Web.

  • Your Climate Change MBA provides you with access to everything you need to know about climate change from a business decision-making perspective. Access its specialized Climate Site here.

  • Your Climate Change PhD helps you quickly access the massive range of information you might like to know as an individual concerned about climate change. Access its specialized Climate Site here.

A Superior User Experience

  • Downloading a copy of the Climate Web to your desktop or laptop, or even your tablet or smart phone, provides a huge boost in the speed and power with which you can explore climate topics. Premium Access allows you to easily access the hundreds of ** Topical Dashboards already created in the Climate Web.

  • Premium Access to the Climate Web even works with the FREE version of TheBrain software. Learn more about Premium Access here. Should you choose to purchase the Professional version of TheBrain software several additional software features become available to you in using the Climate Web, including a powerful Reporting function, an Outline view, and a Mindmap view that is particularly useful for exploring Dasbhoards. Learn more about those features here.

Direct Climatographer Support

Modifiable Climate Web Access

  • Use the Climate Web as part of a collective intelligence and climate action effort to minimize future climate change. Learn more about the 1.5o C Global Brain Project here.

  • Use the Climate Web as your own Climate Research Department to benefit from ongoing additions and improvements to the Climate Web being made by the Climatographers almost daily, while also having the ability to build your own Topical Dashboards and other curated knowledge collections within a TeamBrain version of the Climate Web.

  • You can purchase topical or audience "slices" of the Climate Web, and then have full flexibility in how you organize the contents of those slices as part of your own knowledge management system.

  • You can purchase a copy of the entire Climate Web, with full flexibility to modify its contents and organization in order to make it more fit-for-purpose for your needs. Learn more about using the Climate Web as your Research Department or Research Assistant access via this dedicated micro-website.