Climate Web FAQs

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The Climate Web is easy to learn how to navigate, but users can encounter quite a few questions as they come up the learning curve. Our FAQs page in the Climate Web includes the following FAQs. Clicking on a link below will take you to the specific FAQ response in the Climate Web itself.

FAQ - Are all the Climate Web's links current?
FAQ - Can I change the font size on my screen?
FAQ - Can I do boullean searches?
FAQ - Can I organize all the topics I'm interested in?
FAQ - Can I return to a specific spot in the Climate Web?
FAQ - Can I run the Climate Web on my desktop?
FAQ - How can I access Brains via my phone?
FAQ - How can I access Brains via my tablet?
FAQ - How do I search for a topic or document?
FAQ - How do I search for someone in the Climate Web?
FAQ - How is my screen organized?
FAQ - Hyperlinks?
FAQ - ioS tips for using the Climate Web
FAQ - Is there a printable User Guide?
FAQ - Mindmapping vs. TheBrain software
FAQ - Premium Access vs. Open Access
FAQ - Should I click on thought thumbnail images?
FAQ - Thought Icon Legend
FAQ - What do the blue and green dots mean?
FAQ - What do the different colors mean?
FAQ - What do the different Heading types mean?
FAQ - What does a 3-digit number at the front of a thought mean?
FAQ - What does the $$ mean at the end of a thought?
FAQ - What materials can I find in the Climate Web?
FAQ - What software are you using?
FAQ - What variables can I modify on my screen?
FAQ - What's the nomenclature of the Climate Web?
FAQ - When do slider bars show up on my screen?
FAQ - Why can't I backspace in the Climate Web?
FAQ - Why do Videos Show Up in the Notes Field?
FAQ - Why does it have to be so large and intimidating?
FAQ - Why does the Climate Web make extensive use of "Tags"
FAQ - Why does the PDF tab generate an error?
FAQ - Why don't I see myself listed as an author on co-authored papers?
FAQs - When using Tags, why does the Dashboard disappear when I click on a thought?
FAQ - What Are Extracted Materials?