We Have 33 Years of Carbon
Offsets Knowledge; Let’s Use It


The focus on "net zero" and "negative emissions" pathways for limiting climate change has led to a resurgence of interest in carbon offsets. As companies announce “net zero” commitments that depend heavily on offsets, the Task Force on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets (TSVCM) is advocating the rapid expansion of voluntary offset markets.

More than 30 years after the first carbon offset project in 1988, today’s carbon offset conversation can be characterized as Carbon Offsets Round 2. The Climatographers, who worked on the first carbon offset project, have been organizing carbon offsets knowledge for many years as part of building the Climate Web. Carbon offsets are just one of many topics you can explore in the Climate Web, but its coverage is particularly in-depth.

This one-page Knowledgebase, extracted from the Climate Web, provides an overview of the Climate Web’s carbon offsets coverage, and describes how you can take maximum advantage of the Climate Web for purposes of understanding the history and future of carbon offsets.

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1. Carbon Offsets in the Climate Web

The Climate Web organizes a large body of resources and knowledge specific to the topic of carbon offsets, in addition to related coverage of net zero, nature-based solutions, market mechanisms, carbon markets, carbon pricing, and more. Click on the image just below for a short video describing the coverage of carbon offsets in the Climate Web, or continue down the page for more detail.

Several ways you can take advantage of the thousands of hours of carbon offsets knowledge curation are introduced farther down this page. The bullets below provide a snapshot of that coverage; the links let you jump into the Climate Web to take a look at individual parts of the coverage, but bear in mind that they are all linked together to be readily explored.

What’s described above can be thought of as the “filing cabinet” component of the Climate Web. This only scratches the surface of the Climate Web’s knowledge curation, and it improves every day. When it comes to carbon offsets, for example, the Climate Web also includes:

The Climate Web already organizes much of what you would want to know when it comes to preparing for Carbon Offsets Round 2, and coverage grows almost daily.

2. Take Advantage of Offsets Knowledge in the Climate Web

Anyoone can access the Climate Web on an open-access basis at any time, but to get the most (and fastest) benefit from the Climate Web, the web-based version of TheBrain software is not the best option. Premium Access lets you download the full Climate Web, covering not only carbon offsets knowledge, but related topics from net zero and nature-based solutions to carbon markets and carbon pricing (among hundreds of others). Learn more about Premium vs. Open Access here, or:

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We’ve extracted Slices of the Climate Web to help users create or add to their own fully customizable knowledge management systems. In this case, the Carbon Offsets Slice lets you instantly leverage thousands of hours of carbon offsets knowledge curation and analysis by the Climatographers. Learn more about “Slices” here, or:

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Topical Roadmaps accelerate open-access OR Premium Access utilization of the Climate Web by laying out a detailed hyperlinked roadmap allowing you to jump to numerous (hundreds!) of specific spots in the Climate Web based on your particular offset interests and needs. See a sample topical roadmap here, or:

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